- The monitoring of homeworks (through our specific methods that are combined with games in the Gym);
- Personal development workshops through art;
- German/English language – qualified native German-language teachers with experience;
- Relaxing activities;
- Lunch – prepared in own kitchen.

Rest/Sleep break in beds of appropriate size for the age group
The chosen educational pckage also includes (optionally, at one’s choice) – we discover and encourage talents:
Extracurricular activities
- German language courses – for students learning in Romanian language (in case there will be afterschool for students from other schools);
- English language courses;
- Creativity workshops;
- Vocal and instrumental music ( piano,violin,etc.);
- Zumba;
- Sport and dance courses (we are champions at society dances having 3 golden cups);
- Ballet;
- Plastic arts and modeling;
- Karate.

The building is new and ready to function. It has seven classrooms, a kitchen, four bathrooms, a dining-room, a cellar, a pantry, a methodic-room, a gym , a multifunctional room for chess, music etc. lessons, shows, a front-yard, a back-yard, a park with playground.

The Manager’s Foreword

You may possibly ask again – why Kinderland – the school? Because all the knowledge our little ones have acquired in 4 years of nursery and preschool should not be lost, it should grow. Do you believe it was the only and most important reason to found the School? Of course, but it was also the fact that the tragedy that hit me, made me stronger…after having overcome this situation.

I was forced to eat my pain carrying on with A DREAM (the project Kinderland).I said to myself: If my health and my age will not let me continue some day… these children will be my comfort who in these 4-5 years grow from preschool to elementary school to speak and write German correctly having learnt the basic grammar. These kids will have a different future, another perspective as a future young adult.

The initial project “The Kindergarten Kinderland – an open window to the future” has arrived to a new phase, climbing a new step with difficulties and obstacles, but this step is important in forming the future PERSON . This is the reason why I founded this school wishing that it remains for the children of this town. Its value will show the passion of its teachers who work here in order to form a young person who will find open doors in all languages: German, English (even Hungarian is important – 90 % of our students speak 4 languages ).

You are welcome! Give your child a chance to step out in the life that is better than yours! The best investment one can do in your life is the INVESTMENT IN ONE’S CHILD!



The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

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