The nursery wasn’t founded at the same time with the kindergarten –on the 16th September 2002 – as it would have been normal. The idea to open a nursery came to us in the following year as a teacher arrived from Germany became our colleague and she had two children, one of them for the kindergarten and the other one for the nursery. In that moment, our colleague, Cadar Rodica, later named by the children Mama Rodi offered to become the German teacher for the youngest one – so the nursery began with three children : Francesca , Erik and Paul.

Over the years we have a true dictionary of pearls taken from the mouths of young children, who started to speak under the eyes of Mother Rodi, in both in Romanian and German.

Many children have passed through the skilled hands and warm soul of Mother Rodi and today being students return to see her and the other teachers, to see the classroom where it all began, to meet the teacher who first put the pencil in their hands, to tell us about the way they followed in life so far.

Those children – today reaching the age of 20 – return in their thoughts to their childhood years and we remember their kindness and their pranks and our heart increases with joy knowing that we lay the first brick of their growth.

The Word of the Management

The KINDERLAND alternative education system stimulates equal opportunities for children, with the desire to add value to educational activity. Each child working in his own style and rhythm, through the activity on centers of interest, makes the teacher turn his attention to the personal development of the individual, to determine the child to communicate, to know himself and his surroundings, to optimize his relations with himself and with those around him. Thus, the relations between teachers and children, on the one hand, as well as between the children in the group or in the community of the whole school, on the other, are democratized, the system becoming a launching pad to a world of communication and adaptation, imposed by the challenges of the XXIst century.


Anyone who enters a class in KINDERLAND feels that he / she has entered a young, cheerful and serene forest, where each child assumes responsibility for his / her own facts and his / her own study and goes out with the tonic feeling of hope that the work and confidence invested in these children they are not futile.


We do not claim that this system is "the best", but it is a welcome alternative at this moment of the 21st century, when new professions "are born" , in which the personality and the individual creation must be promoted.Our manager’s experience – over 49 years of activity and 6 published books – is an extra trump for our good results.
The KINDERLAND school and kindergarten aims to achieve performances at both the individual and group levels during a 4-year education cycle, as socializing, communication and team spirit are just a few of our goals.


For all those who contribute to the education in this school, the following principle is holy: A child is a fire that needs to be lit, not a pot in which you constantly pour. The kindergarten encourages reading and writing through special programs in each group. The big group has a special program in German, Romanian and English. When completing kindergarten, the children know how to write the graphic signs that help to write letters.Some can read and speak fluently in German, English and write in Romanian. They have a system of understood values, they have already outlined a system of rules for life, they want to learn more and are looking forward to becoming schoolchildren.



The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

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