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The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language. Teaching and learning this language is our target. We have started our 18th year of activity in the national educational system as a private school. We began in 2002 after having received our authorization from the Cluj County School Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education by following the Romanian national curriculum combined with the German one from Sibiu’s Teachers Training College and our own program where we added all good ideas found in our 5 partner countries. The school programs used in the German, Austrian, Swiss, Hungarian and English educational systems have inspired us. In 2008 we were also accredited by the Ministry of Education for these languages.

Our school program respects the regulations of the Ministry of Education, the didactic content follows the “Pyramide” concept of the Cito Institute of Germany and that of the University of Berlin with whom we constantly have permanent contract of practice and exchange of experience.

The team Kinderland , through the experience gathered in 18 years of activity, is a professional team, that guarantees the educational act.

The teachers are native German speakers (having University degrees in languages) and are all qualified ,so teaching is done exclusively in German language. We do not focus on volume but on differentiated, individual learning. Our groups/classes are of small dimensions (max.10-12 children) so we are able to focus on each student, to follow their evolution and communicate it to their parents regularly. We wish to discover and cultivate those aptitudes and inclinations of the child that makes him a special “mancub”. The parents receive a unique daily and periodical evaluation. Kids aren’t just offered fun and information but also a monitoring of their individual development. All games and activities are thought and used to develop their native abilities.

We started discovering the German language through game,at the State Kindergarten No.17 more than 30 years ago.Over the years this has proved to have been the best investment made by our parents.German is a difficult,though beautiful language,speaking it trains the mind,forms the character and offers one a profession.Our children will learn it here,at Kinderland,where we would like to have you as our collegues…Our creed is that each child comes gifted with a special talent,the purpose of his life being to discover and fulfil it.Thus we promote in our kindergarten gifted education-a unique educational system,individualized for each child.

We work in an interior space of 500 qm,we have a yard of another 500 qm,with lawn,trees,inflatable pools for the summer and many accessories for playing,especially in our playground,our park offered to us by the Local Council and the Mayor’s Office.

Besides our educational programmes our children benefit of many extracurricular activities meant to develop their creativity,their talents and personality,such as:lessons of chess,modern dances,arts(these 3 optionals have brought us special results,awards in town and Transylvania,or aboard),piano,Zumba,modeling and origami,visits to the Botanical Garden,shows with magicians,puppet theatre,games in our yard or in the park next to the Mushroom.etc.

In our school and kindergarten the little ones benefit from periodical assistance made by the doctors in the Pediatric Centre and dentist.

Twice a week a speech therapist works with our kids,and there is also a nurse taking care of their health.
We have a special program for the summer,our school is open throughout the summer vacation. The students continue their work in the afternoon with their own teachers.

There are possibilities for organizing camps at the seaside and in the mountains or German language holiday activities, short or long program ,daily having dance,Zumba,painting,ballet,sport etc.lessons.

You can find us near the Mushroom in Gheorgheni quarter by bus number 32,32B.

- Preparing the kids on a high educational level
- Teaching in the spirit of modern pedagogy: 10-12 students in a class/group,pair-work,team-work,case-study
- The project Kinderland is interethnic,intercultural,interconfessional and integrates in the community children with special needs
- Helps children with special needs,orphaned by a parent through our foundation “Help the Children – Kinderland”

The Word of the Management

The KINDERLAND alternative education system stimulates equal opportunities for children, with the desire to add value to educational activity. Each child working in his own style and rhythm, through the activity on centers of interest, makes the teacher turn his attention to the personal development of the individual, to determine the child to communicate, to know himself and his surroundings, to optimize his relations with himself and with those around him. Thus, the relations between teachers and children, on the one hand, as well as between the children in the group or in the community of the whole school, on the other, are democratized, the system becoming a launching pad to a world of communication and adaptation, imposed by the challenges of the XXIst century.


Anyone who enters a class in KINDERLAND feels that he / she has entered a young, cheerful and serene forest, where each child assumes responsibility for his / her own facts and his / her own study and goes out with the tonic feeling of hope that the work and confidence invested in these children they are not futile.


We do not claim that this system is "the best", but it is a welcome alternative at this moment of the 21st century, when new professions "are born" , in which the personality and the individual creation must be promoted.Our manager’s experience – over 49 years of activity and 6 published books – is an extra trump for our good results.
The KINDERLAND school and kindergarten aims to achieve performances at both the individual and group levels during a 4-year education cycle, as socializing, communication and team spirit are just a few of our goals.


For all those who contribute to the education in this school, the following principle is holy: A child is a fire that needs to be lit, not a pot in which you constantly pour. The kindergarten encourages reading and writing through special programs in each group. The big group has a special program in German, Romanian and English. When completing kindergarten, the children know how to write the graphic signs that help to write letters.Some can read and speak fluently in German, English and write in Romanian. They have a system of understood values, they have already outlined a system of rules for life, they want to learn more and are looking forward to becoming schoolchildren.



The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

Aron Densușianu, Nr. 42, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

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