Events and Activities

Fun Science Academy – Science Lesson with the wacky professor
Birthday celebration of every child – Competitions, costumes, masks, awards, invitations, cake, menu.

Modeling in chocolate - Visiting the chocolate lab

“KIDEX" – Music and poetry competition for kids in Cluj-Napoca (2nd place in town )
24th October – Erntedankfest “Harvest Day“ – preparing , presenting a model lesson and its necessary environment ,activity with parents.
31st October – Halloween – organizing competitions , preparing costumes , masks and awards.

11th November – Saint Martin’s Day - Laternenfest (outing with parents, holiday with lanterns) – preparing the lanterns with the children, learning traditional songs, organizing the event together with the parents.

5th December – Caroling for Saint Nicholas at Vivo Center – preparing the show with our kids , preparing presents for them.

7th December - Society Dance Competition “Cristal Top Cup” (results: Golden Cup for the region yearly).

16 December – Christmas Celebration at Iulius Mall – preraring the children for the show with songs, poems, sketches, dances, organizing the show, inviting the parents, establishing the program. Partners: officials, collegues, parents, mass media. 

Winter Holidays – “With my family in vacation” – organizing vacation in groups, with parents, in the country or abroad.

Saturday and Sunday – Sleigh and ski competitions – Taking part in European contests – organizing competitions, ensuring travel, preparing the costumes (1st place in Switzerland).

28th February - Carnival FASCHING – organizing competitions, preparing costumes, masks, awards, motivating the children.


“Pinocchio Dans“, Festival – Competition for the region – preparing costumes, ensuring travel, (award for the region )

“The Policeman – the children’s friend“ - meeting with the community Police.

County contest : The children’s Springtime  – Easter exhibition at Iulius Mall.

8th March – Celebration and lessons in the honor of Mother’s Day ,”Open Gates Week”– preparing the children for the celebration with songs, poems, sketches, organizing the lessons, inviting the parents.

March – April
Catholic and Orthodox Easter in Kinderland – preparing the children for the short religious holiday, designing greetings for the parents.

Art competititon “Happy Spring Rainbow” – Competition between preschools in our county – we are always awarded.

Contest for the Art club.

Exhibition – contest organized by ECCO, banks, ISJ etc.

Puppet Theatre Festival.

Flower Festival – visit to the Botanical Garden – preparing and establishing the program.

1st June – International Children’s Day – outing with the kids/teachers, singing happy childhood songs, preparing games, competitions.

“With my family at Circus“ – organizing a participation at a circus show.

“Baby Expo“ - open – air show for children.

20th June – Schoolyear - end show – with poems, sketches, music, songs and dances.



The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

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