Canteen Menu


Breakfast: MILK AND BUNS - Bread and butter with ham / salami , Herbal tea with lemon
Lunch: I. Vegetable cream soup
II. Chicken meat noodles / rice with garnish of rice - Cabbage salad
III. Assorted fruit compote
Snack- 3 p.m. Gingerbread with milk



Breakfast: Yogurt with buns/cereals
Lunch: I. Potato soup with onions
II. Fish/Cordon bleu with assorted garnish and pickles
III. Seasonal fruits
Snack- 3 p.m. Cheese pie



Breakfast: MILK AND BUNS/cereals
Lunch: I. Greek /cauliflower soup
II. Bolognese spaghetti with cheese /national stew
III. Apples and biscuits
Snack- 3 p.m. – Biscuits and fruit

Breakfast: Semolina with milk and cocoa
Lunch: I. Chicken soup with noodles
II. Chicken liver with polenta and pickles
III. Chocolate/candies and juice
Snack- 3 p.m. – Cream biscuits and fruit


Breakfast: Bread and butter with eggs/cheese ,forest fruits tea
Lunch: I .Green beans soup
II .Pork chops with potatoes and white sauce
III. Lemon slices with sugar/Compote
Snack- 3 p.m. – Apple tarts

Download the complete canteen menu (in RO Language .pdf format) - the file contains the full food menu/month - complete for all groups.



The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

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