Why Kinderland

An open window to the future!

German – The Language spoken in the E.U.
- Primary School and Kindergarden accredited for German native language,Hungarian and English intensive with Romanian in combination with one of the above-mentioned modern languages.
- Staff: highly qualified teachers for primary and preschool,all graduates of the Babes-Bolyai language University,most with Master’s degree.
- Attractive and stimulative educational environment,where children are encouraged to express themselves.
- The Kindergarten Kinderland is also accredited as European Kindergarden in the City Guide.
- Modern means and methods in the educational process, used in many European institutions.The students have the possibility to practise german language with guest teachers coming from all over Germany for exchange programmes.We have partnerships with numerous educational institutes from our country and abroad.
- Children’s abilities are discovered and developed by specialists.Talents are discovered.
- A variety of optional and extracurricular activities,that complement and creatively develop young talents: English language, society, dances, Zumba, modelling, sculpture, ballet, music, gymnastics, origami, arts, etc.


- Students are involved in competitions and contests,shows,educative and community projects,being rewarded with many national and international awards.
- The school is open throughout the year,even during summer
- The educational and administrative staff is oriented on careful surveillance of our students.During the summer holidays a special programme is organised.
- A particular communication with parents to know the evolution of their children.Periodical information from teachers referring to children’s evolution.Our specialists – educators,teachers,psychologists will offer assistance through our website.
- Meals are prepared and served in our school as we have our own kitchen with the assurance of the rules of healthy eating
- Accessible location, 5 minutes away from the centre of the city,and 50 m-s away from a well-known surveillance firm,S.C. Pyrostop Security SRL ,with whom we collaborate exceptionally,having installed video cameras and alarm button.

The number of parents who annually leave for the countries of the E.U. or return home has exponentionally increased. To understand the causes that determine this fluctuation, even that of teachers, in time, was the first step that needed to be taken to correct any problems that have occurred during the 18 years of our activity.This fluctuation has been noticeable even in the groups/classes of children. Thus, yearly we have introduced new groups/classes, we have completed them, and in our Primary School we still have the possibility to register 2 more students in the preparatory, 1st and 2nd class.(We have so far approval from the Ministry of Education for primary school from Preparatory to 4th class.)

Note: Each year we offer a scholarship to a child coming from a monoparental family for the whole period of his tuition.

Our programme 07:00 – 17.00 or 07.00 – 18.00 (only if a minimum number of 10 children are registered ) and the flexible regime allow the good organization of activities.



The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

Aron Densușianu, Nr. 42, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

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