One Day visit at Kinderland


Being of an age when your child is developing in a constant way,in different environments,that have negative or positive impact for his development,each moment is precious and represents an opportunity to discover new things in KINDERLAND!
We invite you to let your child (aged 2 – 11 ) experiment, for free,for one day, how it feels like being a student at a German language speaking school. We offer this great opportunity to all those parents who wish for their children the experience of learning German through games,with modern methods combining the traditional and the modern without copying anyone... games and learning...the kids are led into a magical world,enchanted by teachers with tact and experience,well-known in our town.

The game is the way to discover the new ,children learn how to interact,to communicate and to express their feelings.The first years of their lives lay the foundation for personal development and for the pleasure to learn, to interact in the community and discover his interest for the world.

No matter how old the kids are...the staff is chosen for its love and affection for children ,for its care and attention showing it to them and last,but not least for its professional training and experience in teaching.Thus we have reached high standards for quality education.

Take advantage of this opportunity and let your child learn German ... it is the language of Europe...let him learn English – the international language(intensively taught beginning with 4 years of age) and take part in all the interesting activities we have in our institution.

Hurry and offer your child the chance to come to Kinderland!

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The Primary School and kindergarten Kinderland is a German-language institution which means that the whole educational process / program is exclusively in German language.

Aron Densușianu, Nr. 42, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania facebook clip art 815805

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